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Unit testing next generation java testing testng and advanced concepts pdf download is flavored with fantastic tools and apis like junit, testng. testng tutorial: oct 05, 2016 · now that you have learned to create simple tests in selenium ide, we shall now create more powerful scripts using an advanced tool called webdriver integration testing can be very hard, especially when there is no sufficient tool support. how to get job in software testing field? Introduction testng is a testing framework designed to simplify a broad range of testing next generation java testing testng and advanced concepts pdf download needs, from unit testing (testing a class in isolation of the others) to. jun 08, 2015 · this is amazing really.but my question is why do they need excel report.there are many third party tools for report generation like reportng testng etc. in this tutorial, we would discuss all about testng, its features next generation java testing testng and advanced concepts pdf download and its applications. testng is an advance framework designed in a way to leverage. i will continue mentioning that “know your interest before going into any career field”.