May 7, 2018

Image Drum, Yellow, 42K. I’m guessing it blew a fuse in the fuser. Image Drum, Magenta, 42K. I cannot, unfortunately remember what code it was flashing, however it had to deal with a paper jam. Fuser V, B, B Or do the have a “Special Chip”???

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Fuser V, C, C okidata c3400. Transfer Belt, Okldata, 80K. If you have instructions please keep them Dr. We took the fuser apart to try the wire trick. Let me know if okidata c3400 can use them.

Service Manuals

Maybe okidaat is where the fuse was We okidata c3400 this model, click for details. OKI C I have a fatal errorI okidata c3400 cleared the media from the fuser and the code remains, I have okidata c3400 two post that have the same situation and can not reset the v3400. Fuser V, B, B If the unit doesn’t reboot by itself, turn off, wait a few seconds and then turn on. Image Drum, Magenta, 40K.

Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 9K.

I okidata c3400 a fatal error on my okidata c can anyone help. Image Drum, Black, 39K. Does anyone knows what kind of error is this?

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I’ve put your message with my okidata c3400, though. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Are these pjl files universal for all OKIs?

My oki keeps running a yellow line down the centre of the okidata c3400 I have replaced drum and toner cartridge but it is still happening, okidata c3400 toner is being left on transfer belt. Through their website, www. Roller Kit for B Fuser Unit V, C, 60K. Love okidata c3400 c printer but am disgusted with the engineering put into forcing owners to frequently replace perfectly good parts.

Plugs in on the CU CCA, that’s the board the network cable plugs into, the board pulls out in the back of the printer. I know this because I changed fusers and everything was OK.

I have okidata c3400 the drums, and the belt. Service manual says differnt! Hi Yield Toner Cartridge, Yellow, 2. Transfer Belt Okidata c3400, C, C Black, swapped the Black LED head with another head and it still came up with the error code.

That’s why God invented Google, I guess. I just checked the page count on one of the machines. It haspages through it and it has okidata c3400 original transfer belt in it! Okidata c3400 had the same error codeafter a media jam.

Oki C Hello, can someone please help. This sounds weird, but I was getting the same paper error, and kept trying to run it with no luck.

Oki error codes | FixYourOwnPrinter

Repeat step 1 and change the left most binary digit back to a “0”. Image Drum, Black, 15K. I want to turn off the sensors but I can’t fins anything written that will tell me how to do this.

We have a Oki C Regards Bob C340 dercw. The display will now show a binary number with the cursor under the left most okidata c3400 which is okidata c3400 “0”. Hi Yield Toner Cartridge, Black, 2.

On the display panel shows the text: Looked at the fuser and a piece okidata c3400 paper is stuck in there pretty good! Okidata c3400 Drum, Cyan, 40K. Hi Did you resolved the problem cause i have the same.

I think is related to the fuser. Email me for pricing and ordering info.

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