May 8, 2018

The inverter is defective. Does it go completely dark so you cannot see the image at all, or the screen just gets darker but still readable? Display con touch screen LG D G3 gold. Can you get it back to normal by moving the screen back and forth? You cannot tell without testing the laptop with another working inverter or backlight lamp.

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Try reconnecting it on the motherboard. W350i gateway, without warning the screen went black and that w350i gateway it. Michael, Anyway, I would love to share my photos and notes regarding the process. I also did the procedure vice versa and it was indeed a bad inverter cause the known good laptop screen stayed blank. Thanks for any info you can w50i me.

If you have to guess, replace the inverter first. I have a W350i gateway NC in which the screen shows color although with red tint for about seconds, afterward, it turns dark although everything still w350i gateway, internet, et cetera, all still working. As you said, I tried my notebook with desktop monitor. Had a similar event with my MT, only with water. Did you try connecting the old screen?

That means the inverter powers w350i gateway the backlight w350i gateway works properly. Nathan, You are welcome. Jiggling or jostling the computer does not affect the display. Again, this could w350i gateway the video cable failure. How can I post my photos and notes like you did? Help needed very very badly. Before any subsequent start of the laptop, I first tryied using its own display. What would be the next step in diagnosing this problem.

It works perfectly with external monitor and LCD w3500i w350i gateway black. I took it in to diagnose how bad the damage was and they said that everything was fine except for the screen. W350i gateway the AC adapter plugged when the lightning struck? Do the different shaped pins mean that much?

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You still should be able to start the laptop when inverter fails but the image on the screen will be very dark. Do you think it is the inverter, backlight, or both. W350i gateway this is connection related issue w350i gateway reconnecting the cable will fix it. Most likely this is not related to the graphics card failure. So I was moving the monitor around quite w350i gateway bit to fix the screw.

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I have a hp pavillion dvea laptop I dropped the laptop and the screen cracked so I replaced the w350i gateway with a new one and its very dim I replaced the screen with the cracked screen again and its also dim gatway I replace w350i gateway inverter with a new one.

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Gaeway can make a good closeup picture and upload it on a picture sharing site, then post here the link. Hello, I w350i gateway actually having the exact same problems as Bobby. I have not tried to move the cable directly when the computer is on, but I have moved it indirectly.

I ordered w350i gateway new inverter from HP and installed it and it is still having w350i gateway same issue.

How can I install windows. External display works fine even in clone mode.

How to remove screen from Gateway MT – Inside my laptop

Flat connettore ricarica Apple iPad Pro Also, an external monitor works fine. You are using different cables for the TV and external monitor, correct? Carefully separate the LCD panel from the cover and place it 3w50i front side down on the keyboard. Copribatteria W350i gateway P Smart Black visualizza. If the lightning struck when the W350i gateway adapter was unplugged and now the laptop is dead, probably it damaged the motherboard.

Even with the hinge broken my laptop was working fine up until last saturday.

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